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【Unexpected】The priest of French handed down a charitable spaghetti for 2 hundred years.



Had been met an interview team of the world cultural heritage program of the Japan TBS.





We unexpectedly met an interview team of the world cultural heritage program of the Japan TBS in our secret spots at the end of December 2018. We accepted the interview and tasted the charitable spaghetti for 2 hundred years from the priest of French together.

2 relative pictures were received from the interview team of the world cultural heritage program of the Japan TBS in May finally.
Late coming pictures are here!








But did this program air?!


The answer was no. That’s a pity! This team had been recording many subjects of the world cultural heritage, however, our interview was not adopted by the TV's manager because this secret spot is in the countryside or thought our interview was boring. these nuns and aunts of the secret spot were so disappointed too.

This century-old story still is touched me but not everyone can like it. After all, the TV station considers the rating which the world cultural heritage must is attractive, therefore the station will air it. This was also a piece of good news to us so that this spot still little people to know it. We have been a chance to come here always and take guests who truly understand and love this place to experience touched by the travel.











Imaginative travel - Nine-tailed fox.


Island hopping of fishing villages tour in Japan













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